How to get breastfeeding off to a great start

breastfeeding breastfeeding support Jan 25, 2022

Preparing to breastfeed is not often something that we pay too much thought to. I really often hear people say "oh, it's natural- it'll just come when your baby is born".


And while yes, breastfeeding is natural, it is also a learned skill that you and your baby have never done before. Of course you both have instincts to help guide you, but the problem is that so much of the information out there that is written online and even given by friends, family or unfortunately some health professionals- is not at all evidence based and even worse than that, actually works to undermine your confidence and your ability to trust your own instincts.

Not only this, but some information can actually cause harm to your breastfeeding relationship and/or your milk supply.


Getting the right information from the very beginning can not only help you to feel more calm and confident but to also avoid many of the breastfeeding problems that families come to see me about after their baby's birth.


I have written my breastfeeding course based on years of helping families to fix breastfeeding problems that could have been avoided if they were given accurate and nurturing education from the very beginning.


For more information and to enrol in my course MILK please click the link.




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