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The course designed to help you learn all about breastfeeding

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The course designed to help you to troubleshoot common breastfeeding problems. 

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The course designed to help you to calm your busy mind and find ways to manage common parenting stresses & worries.


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The course designed to help you & your baby sleep without the drama.

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MORE THAN MILK makes breastfeeding easy.
Online courses for parents by Dr Emily Amos from MORE THAN MILK.

The exclusive Fourth Trimester Bundle is your chance to enrol in all FOUR courses for one amazing price.

Covering everything from breastfeeding, to sleep (for the whole family), settling and how to work through any breastfeeding problems you might encounter. This amazing bundle puts everything you could possibly need in those first few months in one easy to access place!

Everything you need, in one easy place.
From Emily:

To me, your success in the fourth trimester is personal. I want every family to thrive!


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