What is Mindfulness?

mindfulness Aug 20, 2021
Pregnant woman meditating.

You may be wondering what the link is between supporting new parents and teaching mindfulness?

The practice of mindfulness teaches us to be present for the whole spectrum of emotions- the good, the bad and the downright overwhelming. 
It teaches us how to recognise what we're feeling, when we're actually feeling it.
It teaches us how to show ourselves compassion, how to be just as kind to ourselves as we are to those we care deeply about (like our children).
It teaches us how to be more comfortable with uncertainty.
It teaches us how to tap into our own innate self awareness- that sense of what we need and how to take care of ourselves. 
​It teaches us how to find space and stillness where there may not feel like there is any.
Mindfulness is simply the ability to be present, just as we are, just as we feel. No need to change things or to try to make them 'better'.
Knowing all of this, let's have a think about that uniquely beautiful (and often challenging) time that is The Fourth Trimester.
The fourth trimester refers to the period of time up to 12 weeks after your baby's birth. Although I often push this time period out slightly to include the first 12-16 weeks after birth because lots happens in that 4th month of life. 
Human babies have to be born at around 40 weeks of gestation- their heads simply get too big after that point to fit out of their mothers pelvis. If your baby had it their way though, they would have loved to stay in the womb- warm, cosy, always being fed and rocked- for about another 12 or so weeks.
So the fourth trimester is just an intense period of growth and development that your baby would ideally have had in utero.
Most of the tools that we use to help calm and soothe your baby during this time reflect this fact.
So what can I do?
The tools that you use in the fourth trimester aren't necessarily the same ones you will use as your baby gets bigger. That's OK.
Do what works, until it doesn't.
Then do something else.

  1. The biggest tool to get you through the fourth trimester is the knowledge of what is 'normal'. So much of what baby books and so-called 'experts' tell new parents they need to worry about, is actually completely normal. So learning what is normal is a great start (little hint here... my online courses do exactly that).
  2. A second great way to really thrive in the fourth trimester is to learn how to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness, as we've discussed above, can really help us to adjust to all the challenges and changes that come with parenthood. It can help us to be kind to ourselves while we're learning these new skills and it can assist us in processing the emotional changes as we learn about who we are as parents.
I know it is hard to know who to trust online. I get it. I find it difficult too.
Thankfully I have professional training in how to appraise evidence and I have studied for almost 2 decades across clinical medicine, women's & children's health, breastfeeding, mental health, mindfulness and yoga. 
You don't need to study as much as I have, but you do need to know that you can trust what I am saying.
If you want to start your parenthood journey armed with a whole lot of knowledge of what is 'normal' as well as some other great tips and tricks to help you to move through this amazing and exciting period of your baby's life with a bit more confidence and calm, then that's exactly what I've written these courses for.

Want to learn more about how my courses can help you to feel confident and empowered in the fourth trimester and beyond?

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