Being a parent is hard.

It can feel exhausting, overwhelming and isolating or sometimes we just have a busy mind, full of worries, that we can't 'switch off'.

Sound familiar?

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What is Mindfulness?

Learn about what mindfulness is? What it isn't? How to practice it and live more mindfully.

Understand Stress

How does stress affect our body? How can we change our relationship with stress? How can I be kinder to myself?

Learn to Meditate

How does meditation help us to feel less stressed? Use meditation to learn how to relax our bodies and minds.

Parent Mindfully

Holding space for uncomfortable feelings in ourselves as well as our children through mindfulness.

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Finding time to learn new things is hard. I get it.

I know life feels busy now, but it gets even busier when your baby arrives. Now is a great time to learn more about this proven skill to help with stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

I've put everything into one easy to access platform to make it simple for you.

Dr Emily Amos from MORE THAN MILK.

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Easy to follow videos

Short and relevant video lessons in easy to digest chunks including real life feeding videos. 

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Printable Factsheets

Beautiful downloadable factsheets and guided meditations, perfect to keep somewhere handy.

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Trusted advice 

As a doctor, an IBCLC and a qualified meditation teacher, my advice is evidence based and free of any industry bias.

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