Sometimes we just need a little bit of extra help as we learn to breastfeed.   

Not everything is always straight forward, but that doesn't mean you can't troubleshoot some of your breastfeeding hurdles yourself. Let me help you to do that.

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Learn all about safely and comfortably expressing & storing breastmilk.


Mixed Feeding

How to balance mixed feeding and maintain your breast milk supply.


Paced Feeding

Demonstrations of how to paced bottle feed to avoid flow preference.


Common Issues

How to manage common issues like blocked ducts, nipple damage & pain, mastitis

HELP in the palm of your hand, right when you need it.

No one plans to have problems breastfeeding, but sometimes we hit a hurdle. I'm here to help guide you over those hurdles that commonly present in the early days of your breastfeeding journey.

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Easy to follow videos

Short and relevant video lessons in easy to digest chunks including real life feeding videos. 

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Printable Factsheets

Beautiful downloadable factsheets, perfect to print and keep somewhere handy.

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Trusted advice 

As a doctor and an IBCLC, my advice is evidence based and free of any industry bias.

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