Not sure where to start?

Overwhelmed by all the different advice and information for new parents?

Then you're in the right place.


Not sure where to start?

Overwhelmed by all the different advice and information for new parents?

Then you're in the right place.

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I've got a lot to show you. 

I'm Dr Emily Amos. I'm a doctor, lactation consultant & mindfulness meditation teacher who was also overwhelmed by all the bad advice for parents that is out there.

So I decided to do something about it.

I've written four amazing, information filled online courses to help guide parents through the fourth trimester and beyond.

Sound helpful?


What you'll get:

  • Trusted advice from a qualified expert and supportive guided videos all on one place!
  • Complete access to the amazing online learning portal- available 24/7 in the palm of your hand.
  • All amazing downloadable factsheets and guided meditations yours to keep forever.
  • Everything you wanted to know about breastfeeding- How it works? How to do it comfortably? How to troubleshoot common problems.
  • A nurturing guide to learning and practicing mindfulness and meditation. The perfect way to help manage those common feelings of worry and overwhelm we often have as new parents.
  • The complete guide to managing sleep, how to settle your baby and how to take care of yourself. Because your needs as a parent as so important too.
  • The ability to come back to any videos or lessons you need to at any point over your baby's first few months with 12 months access to all courses from date of purchase. With all factsheets, infographics and links yours to download and keep FOREVER.

Feel safe in the knowledge that you don't need to go searching for anything else. All the information in these courses, all videos, fact sheets and worksheets have been written and delivered by Dr Emily Amos. A GP with further expertise in women's and children's health and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Advice that you can truely trust.

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Real Life Videos

If a picture speaks 1000 words then a video speaks 100,000. Sometimes you just need to see how something is done to get a better understanding of it.

Easy Access

Sick of battling with internet searches? All videos, downloads & factsheets are in one easy to access portal- accessible via computer or app to make your life easier.

Trusted Advice

I am a registered doctor & Lactation Consultant and qualified meditation teacher. No need for Dr Google- this is information you can trust!

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Expert written and delivered content you can trust, right in the palm of your hand day and night.



What you get in the bundle.

Complete 24/7 access to all FOUR amazing MORE THAN MILK courses to help prepare you for parenthood and breastfeeding success!

Save money by purchasing all four courses together.

$596 value for only $429!

Save $167!

Buy the Fourth Trimester bundle

How Breastfeeding Works

Everything you need to know about how to breastfeed- how we make milk, how to get a good latch, how to feel confident.

Buy individually for $189

Feeding Rescue Guide

Helpful advice on troubleshooting common breastfeeding hurdles including expressing and nipple pain & damage.

Buy individually for $69

Mindfulness for Parents

Being a parent can bring up worries and stresses that leave us exhausted. Mindfulness helps us to calm our busy mind.

Buy individually for $169

Sleep, Settling & Self Care

Your needs are important too as a parent. Here you'll learn how to balance taking care of your baby and taking care of yourself.

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